Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Products I Use...

I mentioned in the About section of this blog, that the majority of the things on this blog will be dairy and soy free because my wonderful, amazing, sweet, gorgeous...*sigh* boyfriend is allergic to both. That being re-stated, in many recipes I will use some ingredients as substitutes, and I generally use the same thing every time. I just want to put out there the exact products that I use so you know what to look for if you can't find one of your own.

The first one is a butter substitute:

I have nothing against other butter substitutes, this is just the one my boyfriend is used to having, so it was easier for me to start using. 

I will say that I use this {or any} butter substitute when I need to have the yummy, buttery flavor that only butter can offer :) But there is a downside to using it..if you're using it in a frosting, or for anything else really, you often need to add a thickening agent, because at room temperature, unlike butter, margarine and butter substitutes are soft and almost liquid. So if I need to have a thicker frosting or anything like that {and I don't need the butter flavor}, I use coconut oil, which is solid at room temperature and gives whatever is being made a little extra sweetness.

The next ingredient is my favorite so far: dairy, soy, and nut free chocolate!!!

I honestly did not think this was possible. My boyfriend said he went years without chocolate and he loved it and missed it so much, when one day I stumbled upon this amazing brand in Whole Foods. They not only have semisweet baking chips, they also have milk and dark chocolate bars, and other candy bars that taste just as good as regular chocolate! It melts normally and spreads just as easily as regular chocolate would too; I am a huge fan of this product! 

I was not reimbursed for mentioning these products, and I expressed my real opinion of the products that I used. 

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